xoxo gossip girl.

neka. twenty-three. graphic designer. gsu - state not southern. wordonroad.net

"don't doubt yourself trust me you need me."

Since last year I’ve been making a few changes, but they’re finally into play as of last month. Lately, things that were once important to me are really not too relevant anymore. And certain things that I made a priority are pushed to the backburner. It’s pretty sad that it took me this long to get my head on straight, but its better late than never.

Another thing that’s changed is a couple of friendships. Although I feel a few of us growing distant, I’m okay with that. My feelings towards them won’t change, and the fun times we shared will always be cherished. I won’t consider them a season, but I’ll look at it as us going our separate ways. My mother instilled in my mind long ago that everyone I befriend won’t be here forever, but the closest will stick around forever. After high school I learned that, even when I tried to pretend I’d stay close with everyone.

On a higher note, I’m looking forward to continue my education and keep at my journey to graphic design. I’m taking small steps to get there, so I’m sure I’ll be beyond fine with whatever happens.